About UnicTalks

UnicTalks brings inspirational guest speakers to educational bodies, aiming to enrich the overall learning experience of students.


The idea of the project comes from the willingness of improving students' experience by inspiring them with our guest speakers who will bring their experience to students, providing a link between classroom topics and the real world as well as the opportunity to expand their professional network.

We believe educational bodies, their students and societies, should have the opportunity to do this through an easy and affordable process.

Our name

UnicTalks embeds three words: University, unique and talks. These are the three aspects that inspired its foundation. 

  1. University: where the idea was born, representing one of the educational bodies UnicTalks aims at providing inspirational talks to.

  2. Unique: every talk is different providing students with a unique experience. The spelling Unic leads back to the Italian roots of the founder.

  3. Talks: Quite self-explanatory, is what we aim to bring to as many students as possible.

How it works

All the speakers of UnicTalks share the belief in future generations and understand the importance of giving back to the community. This means that enriching students' journey will be easy and accessible.

Not to worry if your college or University hasn't got a talk or event in the pipeline, just enquire the speaker/s you would like to invite and we will do the rest in order to organise one at your campus!


Young Achievement Award

Young Achievement Award