Alessandro Malandra

Co-Founder and CEO of Dolly Noire

Alessandro Malandra is the President and CEO of Dolly Noir, representing the company from the financial point of view. His role consists in foreseeing the company’s growth, and managing the overall general and financial strategy.

Dolly Noire is an Italian Streetwear brand founded in 2013 by four friends, grown up in the suburb of Milan and grown with the values of friendship and courage. Values that have turned a dream into a reality, making the brand one of the most successful Italian ones with deliveries worldwide.

Alessandro was born in Buccinasco, a town near Milan, Alessandro is graduated in Economy from Bocconi University, where he received the education that he is now putting in practice at Dolly Noire.

“Dolly Noire is my creature, it’s 100% ours, it’s like a son. I don’t have kids yet, but Dolly Noire feels like one. It’s more than just a job, it’s something personal, because it’s grown from nothing to something thanks to the time my friends and I have dedicated to it. I work every day to always improve and expanding it always aiming bigger, to greater results”