Alvaro Mancilla Moreno

Co-Founder of Workkola and Skillz

Entrepreneur by nature and tech lover. Marketing background and business-oriented. Alvaro is the co-founded Workkola while still at College.

In the last years, him and his team have been obsessed with the idea of changing the way that talent gets access to work and work gets access to talent. Workkola "provides online real projects with the coolest startups to build your online reputation, boost your portfolio and put your hands on incredible career jobs". 

Following Workkola's success, Alvaro co-founded, the skill-validation technology that Workkola is launching. This is the natural evolution of 2.5 years of experience working, optimizing, and also failing and iterating, with the idea of creating a meaningful and impactful game-changing solution for the current inefficient education-talent industry.