Dr. Arturo Castillo Castillo 

Research Fellow at Imperial College & Leader of Plastic Solutions Network

Dr. Castillo is Research Fellow in Industrial Ecology at Imperial College where he leads the Ocean Plastic Solutions Network aiming to stop plastic pollution before it enters the oceans. His research focuses on resource efficiency, recycling of plastics and metals, energy and material recovery, eco-design and other pre-conditions for the circular economy. He has led numerous European projects on Industrial Symbiosis and has worked previously as consultant in renewable energy policy.

He investigates interventions at all stages of the material cycle with emphasis on innovations to prevent plastic from becoming waste and entering the ocean. He is interested in improving interactions between engineering, policy making, natural and social science.

His experience in industry and academia enables him to advise various stakeholders on capacity building, furthering scientific understanding as well as solutions that displace the need for new plastic or metal production and prevent their wastage.