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Bob Kimmerling

Vineyard Community Centre - Chair of Trustees

A passionate change-maker helping to transform community

 Bob is one part social entrepreneur, one part husband and father (and more recently grandfather), one part networker and fisherman (of men and fish), and wholly secure as a child of God.

Bob has founded several charities in support of the needs of his local community and is still learning about how good communities work, how to influence and transform them, and how to help put the lonely in families.

The Vineyard Community Centre, the Richmond foodbank, Richmond Street Pastors and Community Chaplains are all current involvements which he has founded and which have brought Bob into local and international relationships across a very wide cross-section of people and which are now overtaking a  diminishing role as a church minister.

Bob studied and worked as an architect in four different countries and travelled widely sometime in the last century before embarking on at least five careers, from a high street business owner to the director of a housing programme for homeless ex- offenders.  He still has a little time to fish in good weather and is 3/4 way through a personal pilgrimage book which is a New York best seller, in his dreams.