Entrepreneurship Speakers

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Patricia Bacon

Former Sales Director of Instant Offices, and founder of Couplepreneurs Organisa...

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Rahi Daneshmand

Founder and CEO of Virtue Drinks that he set up when he was only 23 years old...


Alessandro Malandra

Alessandro Malandra is the President and CEO from the financial point of view...

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David Sanger

David founded Rollover in 1991 & grew the company into the UK’s hot dog largest... 

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Steven Smith

Steven founded Poundland in December 1990, changing the British High Street...


Nicola Murphy

Nicki is both the founder and the driving force behind The River Group.


Dominic McGregor

Dominic is the 25 year old co-founder and COO of The Social Chain Group, an award...


Zac Williams

Like many students, Zac grew up with a clear idea of what he thought the ‘right’ thing to...

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Jamala Osman

Jamala Osman is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur and former Bank Manager at Barc..

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Ed Hollands

Ed Hollands is the entrepreneur behind DrivenMedia, the Derby-based advertising agency which...

Anish Bagga

Co-Founder of Unitu helps increase student satisfaction by providing innovative...


Gurminder Dhillon

Co-Founder of Boot Buddy - Dragons' Den pitcher with investment from Deborah...

Alvaro M. Moreno

Entrepreneur by nature and tech lover. Alvaro is the founder of Workkola, which...

George Burgess.jpg

George Burgess

George Burgess was the Founder of Gojimo, the UK’s most popular app...


Oge Akinola

Founder of Bump n Chic which supports women to recalibrate their minds and...

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Mark Wright

Mark Wright is an award-winning entrepreneur and winner of "The Apprentice"...

Dean Seddon.jpg

Dean Seddon

Dean Seddon is a former TV Executive, Public Speaker, Strategist, Marketer, Mentor...

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Mark Leruste

Mark's journey towards his dream career started when his video CV, went viral on YouT...

James Buckley-Thorp - Headshot.jpg

James Buckley-Thorp

Founder of Rupert and Buckley Clothing Co. a simple and contemporary brand...


Rutger Bruining

In 2013 Rutger quit his job in private equity to make it accessible to anyone to turn their..


Julien Callede

Co-Founder of MADE.com he started his successful entrepreneurial journey...


Jason Holt CBE

Founder of Holts Academy – Government Apprenticeship Ambassador for small and...

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Simone Remoli

Inspired by his mother’s cooking, Simone Remoli began his career with...


Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar, Managing Director of Sales Coaching Solutions and The Entrepren...

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Jillian Kovalchuk

Jillian is an award-winning entrepreneur most recently the the recipient of the...


Julianne Ponan

At 22 years old, became owner and CEO of Creative Nature a superfood brand. She suffers...


Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson  is  the    passionate CEO  and  Founder  of  Thomson   & Scott...

Eleonora Rocca Mashable Milano 2017 - by bedarumica RUT_8390 - Copy.jpg

Eleonora Rocca

CEO & Founder of Mashable Social Media Day Italy + Digital Innovation Days: one...


Fraser Doherty MBE

Fraser Doherty started his incredible business career at the age of just fourteen.