James Buckley-Thorp - Headshot.jpg

James Buckley-Thorp

Founder of Rupert and Buckley Clothing Co

Founder of Rupert and Buckley Clothing Co. a simple and contemporary brand, made to a superior quality and all done out of the love for getting to do what you want to do. "Working for yourself can be scary, but every day I get to see all the new faces that get excited about our unique products."

James is also programme leader for Accelerator 33 and contributes over 10 years of retail start-up professional experience, from manufacturing of goods to product buyers from some of the worlds biggest physical and online marketplaces.

"It's widely suggested that when you do something you love you'll be successful. There is no doubt that I'm doing what I love, with a great team who are part of something truly fun and exciting."