Jo Ruxton

Founder & Education and Conservaton, Plastic Oceans - Producer of "A Plastic Ocean" Film

Jo Ruxton joined the BBC Natural History Unit in 1997 after working for the WWF HK for 7 years and was part of the celebrated The Blue Planet team.

Over the past 18 years she has been involved in numerous underwater filming projects around the world, from Antarctica to the pristine reefs of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. 

After leaving the BBC, Jo decided to produce the documentary feature, A Plastic Ocean after initially hearing about the plastic problem in 2009 and began raising the funds to start the filming. 

She co-founded the Plastic Oceans Foundation 8 years ago to help the fundraising process and to take the message of the film beyond its release through three main programmes, Science and Policy, Business and Sustainability and Education and Conservation programmes.