Kristiane Backer

Tv Presenter, Art Consultant, Journalist, Author

Kristiane Backer has been active in the field of Arts, Culture and Music since she began her professional life in Germany and now works as a Fine Art consultant based in London. Her focus is on Modern and Impressionist paintings as well as Post War and some Contemporary Art. Kristiane enjoys discovering talents and help giving them a platform. She takes a personal interest in Islamic and Eastern art and has curated a major Art exhibition by the Egyptian Calligraphy Artist, Ahmed Moustafa, in Sarajevo in 1998. Kristiane has an excellent network of contacts world-wide and has successfully sold of blue chip paintings of different genres to collectors, galleries and investors.

With a background on international TV as a presenter and public speaker she regularly chairs conferences and interviewed a variety of artists for cultural projects of the German Embassy in London. 

During her education as a Radio Journalist in Germany her first celebrity interview was with Pop Artist Keith Haring. At the age of 24 Kristiane became one of the leading presenters on MTV Europe. She interviewed most major artists and musicians of her time for over seven years. She created her own youth show in Germany and later presented a daily guide to culture and entertainment, ‘The Ticket NBC’ on NBC Europe. She went on to present a monthly travel show for Travel Channel in Germany, and an interfaith show for Ebru TV. Kristiane won several awards for her TV work, including the prestigious Golden Camera.

In 2012 Kristiane published her best- selling memoir ‘From MTV to Mecca’ in the UK. She gave extensive book talks in the UK and abroad. The original book was published in German; Dutch, Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian and Urdu editions are available as well.