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Lewis Hatchett

Former Professional Cricketer 

Former professional cricketer Lewis Hatchett played at Sussex County Cricket Club for 6 years before being forced to retire on medical advice in 2016 at the age of 26. However, his story within professional sport is unlike one you may have heard before. Playing fully able-bodied sport with a physical disability.

Lewis was born with Poland Syndrome, a rare condition that appears in around one in 100,000 births, for reasons still unknown, and manifests itself with several problems down one side of the body.

Hatchett is missing his right pectoral muscle and the two ribs that would have sat behind it. His story is one of both overcoming these physical difficulties and perseverance to achieve his dream of playing professional cricket, despite having a physical impairment.

Now a yoga teacher and speaker, Lewis uses his story to inspire those in any walk of life to make the most out of what they have and become the best version of themselves possible. Also talking about his issues of body confidence. As an athlete, Lewis’ body did not fit societies image of an athlete in able bodied sport. He talks about the challenges he faced growing up looking different and how he overcame and manages his insecurities in a world full of ‘perfect body’ image.