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Rahi Daneshmand

Founder of Virtue Drinks

Rahi Daneshmand started the Virtue brand initially with a healthy ice tea. Whilst working on this, he found his energy levels were low, resulting in him consuming 4 cups of coffee a day, yet with little or no increase in energy. Realising there were no genuinely healthy energy drink options on the market, the idea for Virtue Energy Water was created.

The multi award-winning concept has been very well received, beginning the journey at leading health food stores across the UK, such as Holland & Barrett and Planet Organic, Virtue is now exported to over 20 countries globally.

"Virtue Energy Water is the UK’s only naturally sugar-free energy drink. Our mission is to provide positive energy to as many people as possible. Virtue Energy Water naturally contains zero sugar, zero calories, with no sweeteners. Each can contains the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee (80mg). Our energy comes from natural sources including yerba maté, guarana and ginseng. For every can sold, we donate 500 litres of clean drinking water."