Scott Garthwaite

Global Award Winning TV Celebrity Deaf Chef

Hailing from Hartlepool in North East England, Scott Garthwaite born hearing and when he was 2 years old, he became deaf through meningitis. Scott is one of the first deaf celebrity chefs to emerge in mainstream television today, he is well known in the sign language community around the world as the man himself Punk Chef, with his flamboyant vibrant pink mohawk hairstyle for BSLBT's cooking series for the deaf community, his on-screen personality have won him legions of fans around the world.

cott Garthwaite turned cooking into a passion while he was studying for his culinary and patisseries degree at the age of 24, he wants to share with his deaf community so he decided to do cooking vlogs at his home kitchen for social media. Scott went to work at Rockcliffe Hall and Truffle restaurant in Darlington, his homemade cooking vlogs went viral and was noticed by Remark Media, a deaf-led production company in London and has offered him the chance to do his own TV cooking programmes for British Sign Language Broadcast Trust (BSLBT) and from that moment Punk Chef was born.

Over the past 5 years, he has risen up from his first appearance as a TV chef for BSLBT's'Punk Chef' cooking series for the deaf community which was first aired on September 2012 for Film4, Community channel, Sky and Virgin Media. After that, he hosted a following two-part programmes for kids special for BSLBT: 'Punk Chef Kids challenge'.  In 2015, he appeared on BBC Two, 'See Hear' as part of their Christmas special with Clive Mason. In 2016 Route 66 Promotion (USA) and Signlive  (UK) sponsored 'Punk & Irish chefs tour: Europe' which he has travelled through 15 countries in 5 weeks with celebrity deaf American chef Kurt 'The Irish Chef' Ramborger and they both together presented and delivered a cooking programme in American Sign Language (ASL) also as well as British Sign Language (BSL) Scott was asked to make another appearance on BSLBT's 'Up For It' , a children's programme about young kids wanting to meet their idols, this episode was about a young deaf chef was in awe of meeting Punk Chef unexpectedly and went on cooking with him for his parents.

Currently Punk Chef is one of the best deaf male chef in the world since he was awarded at Copenhagen, Denmark at the International Deaf Culinary Gastronomy Event (Deaf Chef) competition in 2015 after a cooking battling against 8 of the world best deaf chefs. Scott's TV programmes Punk Chef have reached countries such as Australia, America, Japan and Europe as he continues to bring culinary delights in sign language from every corner of the world to your screen and social media.