Lauren F.

Business Management Alumna 

"The opportunity to meet the incredible speakers at the UnicTalks event was one not to be missed - discussing the successes and failures these extraordinary businessmen and women have experienced as a result of their dedication to staying true to themselves and their goals was priceless. The range of livelihoods between software to hot dog carts was understood through the similarities found in how each speaker utilised their innovation, interpersonal skills, and perseverance to ensure their ideas, goals, and dreams were achieved. Very rarely are you able to hear about a successful persons failures, but in this talk each speakers' failure was a key part of their eventual - and more developed - success, highlighting the importance of picking yourself up from a loss and never giving up. Start From Where You Are, an extraordinary and candid discussion, was a truly great chance to learn from some of the best minds out there."

Ruth C.


Luca L.

Business Management 2nd Year Student

Big thanks to UnicTalks for helping organise our photography event with Will Amlot. Was great hearing his photography journey and getting helpful tips from an experienced professional. Networking at the event also lead to a job opportunity for me to help with a fun corporate party.

Everyone attending the conference had a great chance to gain a better understanding of some challenges professionals are dealing with in their careers. Therefore, I would consider this event, an invaluable extension to any student’s experience. In fact, it is not a secret that such things are never going to be learnt on books.

Grace F.

Business Management 1st Year Student

The conference was a great opportunity to network with various successful leaders from the corporate world. It was inspiring to hear how their personal and professional failures lead them to where they are today. They all gave an impression of hard work and dedication, showing despite setbacks, anybody can be successful if you just work hard enough. At the end of the conference I was able to talk to some of the various speakers and exchange details. This was an amazing opportunity to network and gain some contacts that will be beneficial for future career prospects.

The event as a whole was well organised and conducted to a high standard. Personally I found the day thoroughly enjoyable and a refreshing break from studying whilst still being relevant to my degree.

Jessica T.

Business Management 3rd Year Student

Dhillan Bhardwaj

Founder of Ratchet Clothing - Speaker

Kiko Matthews

World Record Owner for crossing the Atlantic rowing solo -Speaker

Will Amlot

Professional Photographer - Speaker

Jamala Osman

Consultant | Speaker | Host | Facilitator | Coach


Had the pleasure to talk to students a Roehampton University in London. They even took me for a drink at their Student Union, which meant a lot to me. Being around all these creative individuals really inspired me!



It has been a pleasure at every level working with UnicTalks and I hope to be doing it again soon. Also love the concept of getting inspirational speakers into Unis at the non-corporate price!


UnicTalks is fantastic for networking and can clearly lead to job opportunities for the students attending.

Loved speaking at Roehampton university business students, it was a great opportunity to share my story and interact with them. 

The talk was organised by the amazing UnicTalks who were great hosts on the day