Toby Shaw

Fashion and Portrait Photographer

Toby Shaw is a fashion and portrait photographer known for his dynamic and raw portraiture style using medium film format. He has worked with numerous celebrities and his editorials have appeared in various publications such as Vogue, Schön, AIM, Blurred and Vegan Life. 

Born in Hastings, in 1992, Shaw’s passion for photography began at a young age, documenting skateboarding excursions. As an avid skateboarder himself he had the essential dexterous skills to respond to the beauty of the subculture and the relationship between the subject and surrounding urban architecture. This inspired an interest in capturing the aesthetic qualities of beauty, characteristic of the human form. 

During a BA Honours degree in Photography at The University of Roehampton, Shaw was awarded an internship at British Vogue Art Department where he spent most of his time in the Vogue library, resourcing inspiration for his first major exhibition, The Shadow Series. A selection of compelling and equivocal images exhibited at The Truman’s Brewery Exhibition, London (2016) was his first statement of professionality and flair. 

Shaw began by assisting photographers around the world and in a short time has risen to the top of his game, working with numerous celebrities, magazine editorials and fashion brands. Bringing forward his unique ability to create bold shots that capture the beauty and changing mood of each subject, Shaw sees Fashion Photography as an art form and can pull his inspiration from anywhere. His images tell a captivating story that build a powerful connection between subject and fashion, evoking fervour and emotion.

Shot for:
Versus Versace | Versace | Vogue Australia | Schön Magazine | GQ China | Roberta Einer | Isa Arfen | London Fashion Week | London Fashion Week Mens | Aim Magazine | Blurred Magazine | Gate Magazine London  | Elite London Models | Topshop UK | Zara | Overboard Dry Bags | Vegan Life Magazine | Bikini Girls Diary | Florecast Magazine | Bonedeth BMX | The Source BMX | Shaun Gladwell.